Finding (and keeping) a potential candidate with the right talent and qualities is hard especially since the current job market is extremely competitive.

Having the right team with the right talent is important to grow your business but a lot of companies have struggled to attract the best talent as it needs to be done carefully. There are many talented individuals out there who have the right qualities, but are extremely picky. On the other hand, many candidates apply for a job that they are not qualified in.

So how you can target and attract the right talent to you?

Create an Attractive Company Branding

Company branding is one of the best ways to target and attract the right talent to your business. It’s not only about the logo and slogan. It’s how your company image is seen in the public eye. To attract the best talent, a company should always be promoting and selling their brand to the job seekers.

Show them your company culture and working environment. Tell them all about the benefits that they could get from working for your company, but make sure not to lie or exaggerate. Make sure to communicate well with the candidate and always treat them with respect.

Utilize social media and internet to the fullest; Most of the job seekers will research your company before applying or considering taking your job offer. Include contents that reflect your company in the best way because it will be the first image of your company that the Job seeker will see. Do not forget to put your mission statement and company culture on to the website.

Pay Attention to Your Job Vacancy Advertisement

A job advertisement needs to be written with the appropriate language and should be as attractive as possible. Make sure to write the position, job description, and other information in line with your company requirements.

The job advertisement should also refer to a competitive package, such as a strong management structure and employee benefits. Make your offer very attractive. Avoid from making any mistakes on the advertisement because it can be damaging. A mistake will make candidates wonder about your company’s integrity and attention to detail.

Show How Your Company Offers Room for Growth

Top talents will be attracted to join your company if they know that they will be inspired and able to develop their skill set. Entry-level skills should be given more attention, instead of focusing strictly on specific job skills.

Provide training, internal resources, and opportunities for your employees and tell the candidates about it. Show career growth options for all positions. Also, the best candidate will always want to improve their skills and make some progress, introducing your company values might help them.

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Speed up the Hiring Time

The process of hiring and recruiting can be draining mentally and physically both for the recruiters and the candidates. Your company can lose the right talent when taking the time to make a decision or to get back in touch with the candidate. Keep in mind that there are many competitors out there that would love to hire your potential candidate. Value the time of others. Don’t let them wait too long and contact them as soon as you  find them suitable.

Campus Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Universities are full of young and skilled talent who are enthusiastic about their work. Campus recruitment is a great way to recruit students and graduates. Your company can invite students for a tour to learn about the company structure and function, it is also a nice way to show your company’s culture and environment to attract the young talent.

Offering an internship program can be perfect to help interested students find out more about your company, and for you to check if they will be a suitable and potential talent in the future.

Talent Acquisition focuses on finding talent with suitable skills to fit in your company culture. This also means that the talent will be able to change their roles or position according to your company dynamic needs. By engaging in Talent Acquisition, your company can ensure that potential candidates have all the skills and knowledge needed to work efficiently.

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