Hua Hin is referred to as Thailand’s original beach resort. It’s a popular tourist destination among locals and international visitors. The city offers gorgeous beaches, vibrant nightlife, and lively night markets. 

It’s not hard to find a job in Hua Hin as there is a big variety of jobs you can choose, from marketing staff, English teacher, to real estate manager. Thousands of foreigners fall in love with its good climate, developing infrastructure, golf courses, and welcoming locals.

Getting used to working and living in another city is always a challenge. This guide will introduce you the most important things to know if you’re planning to work in Hua Hin.

Living in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is getting more and more popular as a second home among foreigners. Finding a house to buy is easy since there has been a boom in the property market, but finding a house to rent is usually harder. Condos, studio apartments, and townhouses are available. Using real estate platforms like FazWaz can make the process easier.

There are some party areas in the city, but Hua Hin is actually pretty quiet compared to another tourist destination in Thailand like Phuket, Bangkok, and Koh Samui. The quiet and chill vibe makes the city a perfect place to live in. It’s probably the reason why many foreigners come to the city to retire or to buy a second home.

The city has many places for shopping. Venezia Mall, the Market Village Mall, and Hua Hin Shopping Mall are popular places for locals as well as foreigners to shop. There are high-quality hospitals, excellent schools, and world-class golf courses.

Getting Around in Hua Hin

Public transportation such as tuk-tuks and songthaew are available. Tuk-tuks can take you to narrow streets that cars cannot reach. Songthaew operates like buses with a fixed route, but be aware that sometimes songthaew follows the drivers’ preferred route instead of the designated one.

Renting a car or a motorcycle is a good option, especially because it’s very flexible. Note that Thailand has a high traffic death rate. Traffic laws are often ignored and seldom enforced, so always be extra careful when you’re driving. Many motorcycle riders do not wear a helmet, but you should always wear one. Traffic can be crazy, especially on weekends. Also, parking spaces are usually taken up by renters of motorcycles.

Taxis are not licensed or meters. There are many types of taxis in the city. You can find passenger cars and mini-vans. It’s not really recommended for everyday transportation mode because it is very expensive. Walking in Hua Hin is not the best option since the sidewalks are pretty much non-existent.

man in gray top riding motorcycle

Living Cost

Hua Hin attracts many people because of its low cost of living. There are plenty of rooms to rent for around 6000 baht. You can rent a full townhouse for 15,000 Baht per month. Condos can be overpriced and they can cost from 12,000 Baht to 75,000 Baht per month. The most popular condo is the JamJuree Condo that costs about 27,500 Baht. Monthly utilities such as heating, electricity, and gas can be as low as 1,900 Baht. Internet should cost around 600 Baht/month.

There are many cheap and expensive restaurants in Hua Hin. You can get a decent basic lunch menu for 190 Baht. It’s advisable to cook your own food if you’re trying to save money because groceries are affordable. 

There’s actually no need to rent or own a car/motorcycles since the traffic can get pretty bad and there are several public transportation options. But if you want to drive, petrol costs 40-50 Baht per liter. Tuk-tuks should cost 40 Baht, while Songthaew costs about 10 Baht. Taxis can be a bit more expensive with the average starting fare of 100 Baht.

Weather in Hua Hin

Hua Hin has amazing weather. You can enjoy the sun pretty much all year round. It can get very humid in the summer season that lasts from March to June with the average temperature during this season being 29 to 35 °C. The wet season starts in July and ends in October. Rain showers do not last long. December to February can be the best time to live in the city because the temperature is lower than usual. There are occasional showers but they clear up rather quickly.

Employment and Work Permits

Thailand is protective of jobs that its own citizens can perform, so if you’re a foreigner you will have to show that you can do something better than a local. Foreigners need a Work Permit to engage in any kind of employment or business. Without one, you can face imprisonment, fines, and deportation.