In this article, we are going to answer one of the most common interview job questions that you are likely to be asked “What are your career goals?”

This question can be similar to “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”.

Recruiters ask this question for several reasons. Most hiring managers want to ensure your goals line up with the company’s goals. They want to find out if you have a vision and plans for the faraway future. This question will determine how long you would work for them. Also, hiring managers want to know what goals you have. A goal-oriented candidate is likely going to be more motivated.

To answer this question, you should first set your career goals. There are two kinds of career goals, short-term and long-term. Short-term goals can be achieved within six months, while long-term goals may take years to achieve.

First, look at your long-term career goal. Ask yourself questions like “what kind of work do I really like? Is it a leadership role? Management position?” “what kind of skills do I have?” “what kind of company do I want to work with?” These questions will help you map out your career goal and getting a clear picture of what it is you really want.

Once you know what you want and what your target is, you can focus on the smaller steps that you’ll need to accomplish in order to achieve the long-term goal. Start outlining what you’ll need to do to achieve it. This is your short-term career goals.

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For example: get the education and training you need, build connections and network with the people in your chosen field, or develop the skills related to the position you want. It’s important to commit to those goals.

Now that you have set your career goals, prepare an answer that focuses on how they relate to the company you are interviewing for. Remember to always keep your goals company-related and to your answer simple.

Start with your short-term career goals

Show that your short-term goals can be accomplished by working in the company you’re interviewing for. Then, you can describe your long-term goal, and how it is in line with the company’s goals.

My short term goal is to develop and use my communication skills in a respectable company like The Thaiger. I am excited to start taking small roles of leadership in the projects if I do get this position. I think it is important for anyone to have leadership skills. Eventually, I would love to see myself as a team leader here.”

Describe what kind of steps you will take to achieve your goal

For instance, you want to be in a management position, explain what you will do to become a competent and professional manager.

“Learning is something I love and it is also really important to me. I want to continue learning techniques that will make me a better leader and manager. This is why I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with the experts at this company. I would also love to take courses and attend seminars to further develop my skills. As I learn and mature as a professional, I eventually want to take over a leadership role.”

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