In this article, we are going to answer one of the most common job interview questions that you are likely to be asked  – “Why should we hire you and not someone else?”

This question is asked to ensure recruiters that they won’t hire the wrong candidate. This is another great chance to stand out and show them that you are indeed the right person for the position. Remember that companies hire workers to solve a problem. You need to convince the recruiter that you are qualified for the job and fit with the company.

Don’t give a generic answer like, “I’m skilled, qualified, and I want this job.” That’s probably what everyone else is going to say, so you want to be unique.

Here are some ideas how you can answer properly to this question.

Focus on the recruiter needs and the qualifications you have

Recruiter wants to hire someone who can give a positive contribution to the company. Make sure that you share your qualifications for the position. This is the time to humbly brag about your skills and experiences, do not sound overconfident or showing-off. Avoid talking too much, just state the qualifications you want to share and move on. The more you continue to talk about yourself, the more likely the recruiter will lose interest.

“I heard that this position requires someone who can be flexible and is able to lead a big team. With my experience as a team leader in my previous job, I believe that I am the right person for this position.”

Make sure that you can adapt to the company culture

According to a survey by Cubiks, nine out of ten recruiters have rejected candidates due to their lack of cultural fit. Make sure you understand the company culture well enough. Provide an answer that shows how you can quickly adjust and adapt to the culture of the company you’re interviewing for.

“I’m fast, handy, and hate postponing a task. My ability to get work done faster than expected can easily adjust to the fast-paced work environment of this company.”

Convince the recruiter by asking questions

An interview is a two-way communication. When you’re done answering the question, you can convince the recruiter by asking a question. This will also show that you are excited and enthusiastic about the position you’re applying.

“I would like to work in a startup company culture type because there are many things I could do to develop my skills as well as help the company growth. My goal to expand networks seems to be in line with the company’s goal. What do you think?”

Remember to always be polite, confident, and friendly. This will show the recruiter you have a pleasant personality.