Technology is one of the leading growth industries, but why is a woman working in tech still a rare sight?

The number of women working in tech industries is slowly growing, but they’re still a minority. According to the 2018 Women in Tech Index, there is a significant gender imbalance in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics vocations with only 30% of women working in these fields.

In order to improve on these statistics and attract more women, companies should consider embracing a new strategy.

Advertise Tech Roles Without any Bias

The hiring process must always eliminate gender bias. Choose the appropriate words that will attract more women when writing a job description. Hewlett Packard internal report shows that a woman usually won’t apply for a job unless she match the job description almost completely. Always avoid using a male-oriented narrative when advertising your company.

Interview questions and interviewer attitude also plays a big role. Do not use a language that put women down. A woman’s success is sometimes seen as luck, hard work, or help by others, while a man’s success is seen as something related to their skills. Show women that your company considers their accomplishments are equal to men. Make sure to focus on skills, achievements, and competence.

Provide Equal Benefits for Women and Men

Women need to be treated fairly. Creating a maternity program is a good start to show women the equality benefits. For many years, women have been left behind because they receive a longer parental leave. If companies offer equal family leave, women won’t feel pressured to leave their jobs and men will get more time to spend with their families.

To pay women the equal amount of salary is also one way to attract more women, show them that their contribution to your company will be rewarded with respect.

Companies need to monitor and examine the marketplace to make sure they are paying a competitive salary to women. If your company is paying women less than their male counterparts, consider balancing it out.

Create a Safe Work Environment

Many companies such as Google, Facebook, eBay, and Airbnb have a policy that allows their workers to sue over sexual harassment instead of forcing them to settle through private arbitration. When a workplace has HR policy to preventing sexual harassment, it will encourage potential female recruits and the company will gain a great reputation.

woman holding paper with metoo sign written

Promote Women

An opportunity to progress to higher or more senior roles is an attractive idea. It is rare to see a woman as leader or influential in tech companies. Change this perspective by offering women a chance to grow.

You can ask women in senior positions within your company to mentor new recruits. This is a good chance to show women that they can be as successful as men from their first day at the company.

Create an Inclusive Culture

The corporate culture plays an important role. If your company’s culture is exclusive to men, it can alienate women. Sure football matches are fun, but a large demographic in your office can feel excluded and left behind. Consider having office parties or gatherings that don’t make anyone feel left out. Set up some team-building activities that include women as well as families.