In this article, we are going to answer one of the most common questions that you are likely to be asked in any job interview -”How did you hear about this position?”

Let’s be honest, it is not such a difficult question, and most likely it will be one of the following reasons:

  • You signed up for job positions and found this position on a career website, a job board, while browsing jobs on JobCute, etc.
  • One of your friends is working in the company and they suggested I should apply for this position.
  • You came across an article, ad, or a news source posting this position.
  • You uploaded your resume to a job portal and someone contacted you.
  • You are a fan of the company and this is why you searched for an open position with them.
  • You’ve been targeted with one of their ads for open positions (on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

All of those are simple and great reasons and answers for how did you hear about this position. That could also assist you to lead to the ‘Why do you want this role?’ question.

We could finish here, but we are sure you would also like to know about what you should not mention during an interview.

What You Would Like To Avoid

  • Do not say you don’t remember or are not really sure as this will make you look indecisive.
  • Make it look like you have carefully applied for jobs that you are passionate about. You do not want to create the impression of a desperate person who doesn’t really care which position they get.
  • Avoid telling lies as they can check important details and not being truthful will disqualify you for that job.

Keep in mind it is a simple ice-breaking question and an easy way to get the interview started,

We wrote a few answers as an example to help you get inspired.

For those who are actively looking for a job

“I’m searching actively for a new position at the moment, and I’ve found this position on JobCute while searched for graphic designer positions. I reviewed the role description before applying for it and it felt like a perfect fit. I’m here to hear more about this great opportunity and learn if it’s a great match for both sides.”

For those who passively looking for a job

“A friend brought to my attention that the company is looking to hire on the website, she also mentioned that she had heard great things about your method of work. I went to the company website and read more about the company, I absolutely liked what I saw, and this is why I applied and came here to hear more about this position.”

Keep it casual.
You want to show that you are careful in your job search and you are not looking for any job, but the right job.

You’re consistently trying to learn more during the interview, have a conversation, and figure out if there is a match for both sides.