When starting a new job, we tend to enjoy it but as time goes by, it’s natural to be less happy.

Doing the same tasks over and over can become boring, and an increased workload might affect job satisfaction and increase stress levels.

To avoid those negative feelings, we should seek happiness at the office.
There are countless guides on becoming more efficient and on working harder in the workplace. Being productive is a leading skill in professional advancement.

Our mental health is a lot more important than the emails we send out each day. So how can you be productive at work and a happy person at the same time?

1. Try Diversity

If you have to do the same thing over and over, try to do them in different ways.

2. Learn Something New

Don’t let boredom and dissatisfaction set in. Take an online course, learn about new tech that would be beneficial with your work or extend your interest to a new area.

3. Network

Meeting new people can inspire you. Attend a conference, reach out to your online network, get to know people on relevant Facebook groups.

Sharing your career story and hearing about other peoples experiences can give you a different perspective and help to bring back creativity and also create new partnerships.

4. Talk With Your Boss

Flag what your professional goals are, ask to try new projects. It will provide the opportunity to work on tasks that contribute to your goals and to your overall happiness.

5. Practice Self-Care

Make time for yourself. Take that vacation, attend weekly Yoga classes, get a massage or go on a bike ride. By frequently making self-care a part of your routine, you are refreshing yourself and taking a break from routine that will ensure you are re-energized before going back to work.

6. Reward Yourself

If your to-do list doesn’t make you happy, try to encourage yourself with simple rewards.

7. Listen To A Playlist Which Improves Your Mood

Music dramatically boosts your mood and your productivity level. Put some of your preferred songs in a playlist and use the sound to help motivate you through the day.

8. Meditate

There are countless studies which proof meditation can increase the level of happiness. Take 5 or 10 minutes, go to a quiet place, let your eyes rest, and simply breathe.
We like to use Calm’s guided meditations.

9. Take A Walk Outside

A walk outside can easily improve your mood. Take the person that you have an appointment with and have the meeting outside the office.

10. Drink more Water

Drinking water has countless benefits. Keep a bottle next to you  as  it will keep you hydrated and focused and will help you to get rid of any headaches.

11. Smile Often

Smiling has an enormous effect on your brain. It makes you feel happier instantly. Research shows that smiling, real or fake, lets your brain interpret the physical reaction as a positive thing. And your brain then will associate the activity you’re doing as something fun.

12. Get Enough Sleep

With good nights sleep, you will think better and be more focus and you will become more engaged. The American Psychological Association found that Americans who get more sleep on average tend to be healthier, happier, and work harder.

13. Discuss Having a Flexible Work Schedule With Your Boss

If you feel you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning and spend the first hour at the office half. Or that you are spending too long at your desk working on things that are not important just because it is in the work schedule.

Discuss with your boss about creating a flexible schedule. Maybe working from home twice a week or arrive to work at 8 AM and not at 7 AM. Working the hours that you are the most productive will make you a more reliable employee and a happier one as well.

14. Focus On The Positive

Deciding that you want to become more happy at your workplace means deciding to avoid gossip, negative talk and negative. Even if you are a positive person, a non-positive people can still affect your feelings.

15. Leave Personal Problems At Home

Personal problems can make it hard for you to be productive at your work and feel happy. Plus, your co-workers don’t need to hear about your personal problems, even if you think they are interested.

16. Practice Gratefulness

You probably don’t love everything about your job, but you will always find some things that you do like and focus your attention on them.